Static, public IP address in the LTE network – in the Poland

How is this IP in mobile networks like?

A fixed public IP address in the LTE network. As we can see, there are many operators in Poland, they offer the Internet. But not many can offer a service that is very important for companies or institutions. Even private individuals often need to have a fixed public IP address on the LTE, 4G network. For some, sometimes the availability of this address is more important, as is the

quality of the internet. On the forums there are a lot of statements of people who decided on mobile internet. Without first checking with the operator if he has such a service on offer. They checked in their own way that they had a public IP address. Unfortunately, it does not work as expected (it does not work at all). Public, fixed IP in LTE, 4G, 3G networks – it doesn’t matter, generally it’s about cellular / mobile networks.

What to look for and how is it with this “public” in mobile networks ?.

First of all, at the very beginning. A fixed and public IP address is a service that you must additionally purchase. This address is not available in the standard package! Below is a description of how to distinguish this type of addressing.

Incorrect interpretation.

Standard Internet Package without a Permanent Public IP address purchased.

In cellular networks, no matter what internet packet we have, we need to get an IP address from the operator to be able to use the internet. These IP addresses in some networks can immediately be seen that they are unlisted and variable, which means that if we plan to connect some monitoring or have access to our equipment from anywhere in the world, we have already swept. IP ranges that are not publicly available from the world by bank are:–––

If we receive any address from these ranges beginning with these digits from the cellular network operator (on our router or computer), it certainly is not a Public address. And at the same time, whether it is constant or variable, at this stage is irrelevant. The most important thing is to be Public and Static at the same time.

Public, but it doesn’t work.

Another example might be an IP address that differs from the one I gave above. Which looks public at first glance and even after checking Google it turns out to be an address that falls within the public address range, but it doesn’t work.
This is because certain classes (sets, ranges) of IP addresses, although they are public, the mobile operator treats them as internal. At that time, we won’t be able to connect with the world anyway, even though we get the “public” IP address.

Really public – but it doesn’t work anyway.

The address looks Public. The third example I noticed is that it is used in LTE / 4G networks. That we actually get an IP address Public, but unfortunately useless. This is because there are blocked ports on it, and it is a variable IP address. So, e.g. after a certain time or after the address has been resumed (e.g. reconnection or restart of the equipment, it can artificially call) we will get a different IP address than before. And for blocked ports will not allow you to connect to our services. Of course, if you have not purchased a Permanent Public IP as an additional service.

What to do, how to live?

In fact, if we want to have a static and public IP address in the LTE, 4G network. The one on which we can easily connect the monitoring, camera, server, computer or whatever it is necessary to have access to it from anywhere in the world. In standard offers that are available on the market. LTE, 4G operators do not particularly praise such a service as a permanent public IP address. It turns out that IP is available for an additional fee. Unfortunately, it is not always included in the main offer, but such an address is available as an additional service.

Note that most operators require a manual APN change after purchasing an additional Permanent Public IP service to make it work.

Of course, for an additional fee – fortunately not too high, because approximately 10 PLN per month (approximate amount because it is known that operators change price lists), added additionally to our Internet package.
I will add immediately that as of the day of writing this article only PLAY does not offer such a thing as a Public and also a Permanent IP address. Plus, for as long as I can remember, has an “audience” in its offer and for some time Orange and T-mobile have also offered this service.

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or which Internet to choose for monitoring, for online viewing


A fixed public IP address in the LTE network – yes it’s possible. All mobile networks are outdoing themselves in offers focused on speed, with the largest possible data transfer, and on packages offered with the internet. First of all, price – how can you forget about it …?

In many remote places, e.g. in the periphery, villages, fields or other hard to reach places. Where local internet operators cannot provide services, often there is a cellular network that can provide us with connectivity. Fortunately, almost every network (except Play) can now offer an additional service with a public IP address.

Sometimes, simply, the mobile network offer suits us better. We make decisions that we decide on LTE Internet from a mobile network. However, if we are counting on a public IP address, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the detailed offers in advance. Make decisions based on the availability of this IP address at your operator.
Let’s remember that once we sign the contract, and during the course we will want a public, permanent IP. It may turn out that we either take a second internet or we have to wait until the end of the current contract. Well, unless we’re in Orange Plus or T-mobile. I also hope that someone from Play will read this article and may implement this service soon.

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